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Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute Battles Anne Robinson on the BBC's Weakest Link

On the 21st December 2010 Donna Marie appeared on BBC Television's Weakest Link Tribute Special.
Donna Battled Anne Robinson in her own calm and sophisticated manor dressed in her bright sparkly green winged leotard and sporting the bright yellow Lady Gaga wig!  Donna looked spectacular under the lights of the television studio and stood out from all the other tribute act also appearing on the show.  Donna managed to make it to fifth place but was voted out on a final decision from the Cher tribute.
You can view Donna on the Weakest Link on BBC Iplayer.

Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator Opens Cardiff's St Davids 2 Student Lock in

Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute Show, the world's number one Lady Gaga Tribute act and show is officially opening the St David's 2 Shopping Mall Student Lock in of 2011. Donna Marie has performed at   countless venues all over the world and is recognised as the worlds number one Lady Gaga Tribute Act. Donna Marie works closely with James Maciver, Westend Theatre and BBC television costume designer to recreate the fashion statement that is Lady Gaga. The St David's 2 shopping mall will open for the student lock in at 20:30 till 23:30 on Tuesday the 8th of February 2011. Donna will be performing numbers from her show in her authentic Lady Gaga Tribute costumes to not only help promote the student lock in for local business, but also to help promote her up and coming Lady Gaga Tribute theatre tour opening event at the St David's Hall Cardiff on June the 2nd 2011 where the Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator will rock Cardiff in a spectacular tribute to Lady Gaga.

The Weakest Link

Donna Marie is the Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute, the worlds number one Lady Gaga tribute act and show appeared with Anne Robinson on BBC TV's the Weakest Link on the 21st of December 2010 in a Christmas Tribute special edition. Donna managed to secure herself fith place before being voted off in a tie situation. Donna Marie look spectacular dressed in her Green "Lady Gaga Heart" costume. Photos of the show can be found in the Media section of the lady gaga experience website. Donna definately stood out from the other contestants in the glitter green costume and yellow gaga wig. All in all filming was a great day where Donna got the chance to meet and make friends with other tribute artists including Tom Jones and Ronan Keeting

Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute Show nominated for Goscar Award

Hey my little Monsters, can you believe it! The Lady Gaga Experience has been nominated for a Goscar award in Northern Ireland by the Kremlin night club. Donna performed her lady gaga tribute in 2010 in the   superclub Kremlin Belfast. It was during the back to back performances that Donna Marie fooled hundreds of Lady Gaga fans into believing that she was Lady Gaga during a walk about through the streets of Belfast. Her look a like was so convincing that some fans who actually talked to Donna still believed that she was Lady Gaga. The Kremlin night club has many famous celebrity DJ's and acts performing throughout the year including Katherine Ellis, Joe McElderry, Diva Fever, Gareth Gates, Samantha Fox and Kym Mazelle just to name a few so it is a real honour for Donna to be nomintated for the Goscar award for the best act of 2010. The Lady Gaga Experience Tribute show is taking the globe by storm. Keep an eye on this blog as there will be some very exciting news coming soon.

Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute Show Wins The Prestigious Goscar Award

Friday the 25th February 2011 saw the Belfast super club Kremlin holding the 12th annual Goscar Award Ceremony for 2010. This event is landmark in the Gay community throughout Europe. Donna Marie, the worlds number one Lady Gaga Tribute Act was awarded Best Act of 2010. Other nominations for this category included Sophie Ellis Bextor, Gareth Gates, Sinitta, and Joe McElderry. Donna was over the moon to honoured with this award, dressed in a replica of Lady Gaga's 2011 Grammy Award costume, she   performed Born This Way for the first time to the VIP 1000 strong attendants. Donna would like to thank Kremlin Belfast for their continued support of her Lady Gaga Tribute and especially for considering her for such a prestigious award. Donna fooled hundreds of Belfast Gaga fans into thinking that she was the real Gaga last year prior to performing at Kremlin super club as part of a publicity stunt for Kremlin that received UK National media attention. Donna was also interviewed by BBC Radio Belfast and featured in the Belfast Telegraph and the Sun Newspaper. A video of Donna receiving her award has been posted on Donna's facebook page, the video is also available at Donna's Lady Gaga Tribute website.

Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute show confirmed for Cornwall Pride

Having worked in and supported the gay community for over 10 years, Donna Marie, the Lady Gaga Experience, the World’s number one Award Winning Lady Gaga Tribute Act and Show has been confirmed for Cornwall Pride that takes place on the 27th of August 2011 in The Marquee, Lemonquai, Truro Cornwall. Make sure that you book your tickets early, this is going to be a good one!

Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute Show at St Davids Hall, 500 tickets already sold

Hi Lady Gaga fans. Tickets for the St Davids Hall Donna Marie Lady Gaga Tribute Show on the 2nd June are selling fast. Over 500 tickets are sold to date and the show has not yet been advertised in the St Davids Hall news letter. St David's Hall are convinced that this will be a sell out show so in order to avoid disapointment, get on-line and book your tickets early.

Dance audtions are completed and we are well into rehersals. Had a techincal meeting yeterday and getting really excited. New costumes in the making and the video is almost completed! This show will blow your mind! We have so many surprises planned for you! The Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute Show is already the best Lady Gaga Tribute Show on the planet, the St Davids Hall show will take it to another level! Look out Gaga, here we come.
Click the link to read all the latest Lady Gaga Tribute News

Donna Marie's, Lady Gaga Tribute at Fusion

What a fantastic gig at Fusion Night Club Guernsey, thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a success.  Photos from this latest Lady Gaga Tribute show are available on the LGE facebook page and also on the Donna Marie LAdy Gaga Tribute website.  We have added a few photos from Fusion below.  The Lady Gaga Spark Bra went down a treat, we even managed to rig it up for Phil as a special birthday surprise, Phil Midgely as Lady Gaga!

The show was billed as a fund raiser for the Terrance Higgins Trust and as with most of Donna's shows, began with the rendition of Dance in the Dark.  Donna, dressed in the Brit Awards lace catsuit with huge fluffy wig gracefully took to the stage with a fabulous dance routing emulating that of Gaga.  Donna's vocals are 100 % live and sound just like the real Gaga.

Performances included Speechless in the Famous Lady Gaga Red Dress. Click the link for the lastest Lady Gaga Tribute setlist.

Monster in the stunning Monster Costume

Just Dance in the Purple Leotard

Paparazzi in the classic Gaga mirrored bra leotard

And of course, Bad Romance with the famous Spark Bra

And finishing of with Born this Way

Really busy week ahead, Germany tomorrow for RTL Television, only thing is that they are picking us up from the hotel at 7 am!  That means getting up at stupid o'clock to get into costume and makeup!  Divine on Thursday night for the Cardiff Mardi Gras fundraiser at Crystal Boutique night club, where my hubby will be spinning tunes till the early hours and then Manor Park gig on Friday, really looking forward to this week.

James Maciver, Donna's Costume designer,  has been in touch and confirmed that the new costumes we have designed together are coming very soon!  So excited, the new costumes are really unique to Gaga and probably her most memorable costumes to date, the attention to detail on these costumes is awesome!  The Swarovski crystals alone cost a fortune! but had to get Swarovski for it to be really authentic.  Will post photos as soon as we get them x
Update to the site, have a look at our about Lady Gaga page!

Three Weeks To Go!

Hey there my little monsters, just three weeks to go to the start of the Lady Gaga Experience Theatre Tour starting at St David's Hall Cardiff. St David's Hall seats just over one thousand so best get your tickets as soon as possible as 700+ have already been sold for my amazing Lady Gaga tribute show.

Germany cancelled this week which to be honest is a blessing in disguise as it has allowed the LGE team to focus on our final dance rehearsals. Off to Germany again next week to open an Apple store, really looking forward to that gig. Flights sorted, Hotel Booked, Limo sorted, bouncers sorted, red carpet sorted!

Loving Judas but am really loving The Edge Of Glory, can't wait until my backing track is finished! Nigel ha nearly finished the video for the show and we have tested the projector and screen, 10,000 lumens! Apparently that translates to really bright but unfortunately I do not speak tecky!

Programs for the show are being designed by Derrick who will hopefully be taking some photos of my new Lady Gaga costumes for the show to add to the programs.

Jonathan is busy building the props and Vicki is busy finalising the choreography for Judas.

James is finishing the dancers costumes and Alisha is...oh yes, enjoying the weather in Rhodes!

The Dance Rehearsal DVD has been a godsend for teaching the new dances so big thanks to Vicki and Nige for their input.

Final dress rehearsals set for the next 3 weeks, loads of work I know but the show is going to be amazing, we are all really looking forward to it.

Club 2 Ten in Swansea on of Friday so I hope to see some of you little monsters there!

Oh yes, added some new pages to the web site including the Lady Gaga tribute set listinformation on Lady Gaga herself and also a comparison between Gaga and myself, I hope you like the images, I will be adding loads more after the show as I do not want to spoil the surprise of my new costumes. I am so excited about performing in them, they look amazing.

Anyway, off to a gig now so will keep you posted next week

Donna X

St Davids Hall Theatre Show, only a week to go!

Donna Marie, the Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator, the world's number one Lady Gaga tribute act and show, will be starting her theatre tour in just over a week at St. David's Hall Cardiff. With the show now reaching sell out, there are only a few tickets left. Exciting new costumes, props, visuals and stage effects along with Donna Marie's Lady Gaga Tribute dance crew, this promises to be a show to remember. With Lady Gaga having performed for BBC on the Big Weekend, the stage is set for a spectacular tribute to Lady Gaga herself on the 2nd of June 2011.

Donna Marie says "The next 8 days are going to be totally mental with final costume fittings, rehearsals and preparation for the show. I have 3 gigs around the country this weekend as well as ITV coming to film a documentry about me on Friday. I have radio and newspaper interviews to do and still have loads of last minute wig styling and prop making that needs to be finished. I could really do with some extra hours in the days to have time to sleep. But every minute is worth it and I can't wait to get out on that stage and show my little monsters what I have planned for them. I still can't believe how I have managed to put together a theatre show of this size without a production company backing me but it shows all you need is determination, passion and hard work and never give up even when things get real bad".

Donna watches Lady Gaga perform at the Radio 1 Big Weekend

Despite here crazy schedule, Donna Marie the UK’s number one Lady Gaga Tribute took time out to watch Lady Gaga perform live at the Radio 1 big weekend.

Despite the mixed reviews I thought Lady Gaga was as fab as ever, performing a mix of our favourites, as well as a small tribute to the newly married Will & Kate, who we all presume are two of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans!

Arriving 20 munities late in a wooden coffin, she revealed herself clad from head to toe in a black PVC suit Gaga’s shock factor was a prevalent as ever, wearing a prosthetic belly she opened with 'Born This Way', which got the crowds cheering. This Quickly led into ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Bad Romance’ .

Lady Gaga then surprised everyone performing a couple of jazz numbers, she sung 'Orange Coloured Sky' with the lyrics amended to pay homage to newlywed royal couples, Kate Middleton and Prince William. I may even look at adding this to my show in the future as her black lace outfit was really elegant and a costume I would definitely love to add to my tribue show. This part of the show closed with Lady Gaga on her piano performing new tracks 'Speechless' and 'The Edge of Glory' which were dedicated to her father and grandfather. Yet another costume change for Lady Gaga a into a two piece black leather bra and briefs for electric and heart pounding performances of ‘Just Dance’ and 'Judas'.

Lady Gaga not only provided a massive performance but she also gave Donna a list of new costumes she is looking to performing in her no 1 Lady Gaga Tribute.

  Here’s the shows full set list - 'Born This Way', 'Bad Romance', 'Telephone', 'Poker Face', 'Alejandro', 'Orange Coloured Sky', 'Speechless', 'The Edge of Glory', 'You And I', 'Just Dance', 'Judas'

If you missed the performance here is another chance to see the show at BBC's Radio 1's Big Weekend site

Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator fools Saarbruecken

Donna Marie, the Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator, fooled Saarbruecken, Germany during a pre-gig walkabout on Friday 20th. Donna was asked by Apple Computers Inc to open their new Apple store in Saarbruecken. Donna arrived dressed in the replica yellow and black gaga dress in a white limo accompanied by two security guards. Donna was later joined by a reporter and photographer from the German national newspaper Bild. After officially opening the Apple store, Donna then went on to perform at the famous E-Work concert halle to perform for a one thousand strong audience from one of Germany's biggest IT distributors, Implement IT. The gig was fantastic and received yet another standing ovation.

Donna returned to the UK on Saturday where she then performed her Lady Gaga Tribute for Gosvenor Casinos in her home town of Cardiff. The Grovenor confirmed that she was the best act that they had seen.

Here are some photos from the Walkabout and Saarbruecken gig.

Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator at St Davids Hall Cardiff Show Critic

THERE can’t be many stars who can attract well over 1,000 people to a concert hall without actually being there.

But such is the magical appeal of Lady Gaga that when the tribute act, the Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator, rolled into town the fans rolled into Cardiff’s St David’s Hall.

I am not quite sure what the normal composition of an Lady Gaga audience would be but here it was mainly youngish girls and some boys with presumably their mums, and a good smattering of Wales’ gay community.

I know the main Gaga singles and the accompanying videos and our leading lady, mother-of-one 35-year-old Donna Marie Trego, from Dinas Powys, had meticulously recreated costumes, dance routines, doing a good version of arguably the biggest pop-electro songs so far this century.

While, of course, this is not as lavish or polished as a real Gaga concert, the effects are great fun, with videos, lasers and pyrotechnics, including a bra that shoots out sparks, and other zany outfits.

The set was an old New York-style metro carriage that acted as Donna Marie’s changing room and from where she could appear for each number. In those quick change spots a large video screen kept the audience entertained with presumably her own version of Gaga videos and some that I didn’t recognise but were sufficiently wacky to keep our attention.

Donna Marie may well be amazed at how full St David’s Hall was for this fun night. But then this act has toured extensively and is often hailed as one of the best tribute acts on the road. Plus this was a young, enthusiastic audience – just what St David’s Hall needs. A good move whoever booked the act.

This was the opening night of this new theatre show that was rehearsed in Cardiff, with new songs Donna Marie has learned. It features such big hits as Judas, Poker Face, Born This Way, Let’s Dance and Bad Romance – which as you would expect stole the show.

The 11 dancers did all the right moves and formed an effective frame.

Admittedly, there are times when Donna Marie looks a little unsteady in those amazingly high-heeled shoes and boots, but as the show develops this will no doubt ease, but for one night at least, we all went goo goo for Gaga!

4 out of 5

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South Wales Argos Review of Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute at St David's Hall

It says a lot about the trajectory of Lady Gaga’s career that a mere three years after first dinting the charts her tribute act can pack out St David’s Hall. Not only that but the support act for Donna Marie Lady Gaga Tribute act and Impersonator is a tribute act to Pink, who has been regularly having hits for more than a decade..

Aside from being a missed opportunity for a witty tribute act name (Salmon? Cerise?) P!nk (CORR) both looks like the American singer and does a pretty good approximation of her throaty voice.

However, the crowd reserves its full-on enthusiasm for the headliner.. Singer Donna Marie understands attention to detail is what make a good mimic and has went all out to replicate her muse’s theatrical live show, with slick dancers and choreography, multiple costume changes, an elaborate stage set and a big screen showing videos from Donna's own live show and music promos. After belting out all the hits (Just Dance, Alejandro, Poker Face) she finishes with Bad Romance. The fans strongly demand an encore and Donna Marie returns to perform Born This Way. A delighted audience left having enjoyed as close as you can get to the real thing for a value for money price

Teaser Trailers and photos from Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator at St David's Hall Cardiff

Please find below, links to our teaser trailers from the St David's Hall sell out show

Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator Interview ITV

Donna Marie ITV Interview

Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator at St Davids Hall Pre Show Interview

Tonight Cardiff will witness a global superstar brought to life on stage, in the biggest show yet from the Dinas Powys mum who transforms herself into Lady Gaga for a living. Dave Owens investigated

DONNA Marie Trego lives a double life. By day she is a married mum of one – but by night she transforms herself into a meticulously dressed homage to superstar Lady Gaga.
Tonight she'll have a little taste of the pop superstar's fame when she steps out on the stage at St David's Hall to perform the biggest concert of her life.

However, unlike the American icon who rehearses for her huge tours at state-of-the-art facilities, when we speak Donna is holed away in the Albion Club in Grangetown, Cardiff putting the finishing touches to rehearsals for the premiere of her most ambitious performance yet.

"In my mind it's the biggest and best Lady Gaga tribute show that's around," says the 35-year-old.

"We've spent thousands of pounds making it the best we can."

As far as tribute acts are concerned, she's certainly pushed the boat out.

"We've got 11 dancers, video screens, pyrotechnics, 15 costume changes, and much more."

And so keen is Donna's attention to detail that she even advertises herself as "the only tribute in the world to have a genuine working spark bra".

"Yes, it wouldn't be my show without the spark bra," she laughs.

"The whole production is pretty good anyway but this time we had a lot of ideas and we wanted to put it on the level of a proper theatre tour.

"When people see the quality of this show they will be amazed. We've raised the bar for tribute acts.

"In the UK there are around 40 Lady Gaga tributes, but most of them won't go to the lengths that I do," she adds.

"Just as Lady Gaga herself goes that extra mile in flamboyant costumes then so do I."

Donna has been working for the past 18 months as a tribute to the Poker Face star, who recently released her latest album Born This Way.

As well as watching Gaga's every move, the Dinas Powys mum has to spend hours creating zany costumes to match the hit singer's vast array of outfits, with the help of friend and costume designer James Maciver.

"I love Lady Gaga's creativity and wackiness," she says. "Just when you think she can't step up, she does. She has no limits, she's daring and you always expect her to come out with something bigger and better which she does. She is a clever, clever woman."

People might reckon that Donna showed a similar amount of intelligence when spotting an opening as a Lady Gaga impersonator.

"I've sung for the last 18 years and for the last year I've worked in WOW bar in Cardiff," she says, explaining how she first became Gaga.

"We started having themed nights so when Lady Gaga was in town we decided to have a night in tribute to her.

"I didn't have enough time to rehearse so we got a tribute act to come and while I was watching her, I just thought, 'I could do that.'

"I didn't think my husband would be too keen on me travelling round the country as Lady Gaga, but then he came over to me during the evening and said, 'You could do that!' So I slept on it and then the next morning I rang James, and it went from there.

"James and I work really closely together and he is amazing. I'll e-mail him with an idea then we'll sit down with a cup of tea. We are constantly updating the costumes and the show and they are all replicas of the House of Gaga outfits.

"I try and source all the props and wigs myself and then James helps create some amazing costumes."

Despite the singer's notoriously risque antics, Donna reveals her six-year-old daughter Cyan has become a huge fan.

"Cyan's favourite song is Telephone and she is absolutely obsessed with Lady Gaga. I've even performed at her school after she volunteered me to the headteacher!

"My husband Nigel is really supportive too and often helps out with sound and the website and my sister is my dresser so the Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator is a real family affair."

All those family members will be out in force tonight when she takes to the stage at St David's Hall.

"It's getting bigger all the time," she enthuses. "I still can't believe I'm about to play St David's Hall, I'll only believe it when I walk off stage and think to myself, wow I can't believe what I've just done!"

* The Lady Gaga Experience is at St David's Hall, Cardiff, tonight. For tickets priced £10 ring the box office on 029 2087 8444. Find out more about Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute by visiting

Photos from Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute Show at St David's Hall Cardiff Now On Line

Hey my little monsters, yes all of you monsters that bought VIP tickets and stayed for the photo opportunity can view and download your photos on the Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute website. Donna Marie has had raving reviews for the Lady Gaga Tribute show that she performed on the 2nd of June 2011.

Top Media Wales critic Mike Smith, who rarely gives a show more than 3 stars, awarded Donna Marie with a whopping 4 out of 5! An excellent review for a show that deserves all the credit.

Donna and her team have worked flat out for the last five months to ensure that The Donna Marie, Lady Gaga Tribute show would rock Cardiff. It did! A thousand strong standing ovation for a performance that the Lady herself would have been proud of.

Please find below some images from the show taken by semi-professional photographer Brian Trego of Barry Camera Club.